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Dress your spirit, Feed your soul

How it all began

What today is an international androgynous magazine started out as just a small fashion blog back in 2013. An androgynous fashion blog that portrayed the world not as it was but as it ought to be. A blog that created a place where people were empowered and encouraged to be themselves, express themselves creatively and freely through fashion and to love themselves. As time went by, I decided to expand the blog. For quite some time I had been considering starting a digital magazine that stood outside of the gender barriers, that was free-spirited and something that the world hadn’t seen before. I felt that the fashion magazines for men were lacking something and the fashion magazines for women more often than not made women feel that they weren’t good enough, that they weren’t slim enough, pretty enough or dressing well enough. Rather than empowering people, I felt that the magazines available did the exact opposite. Both the magazines for men and for women were also very stereotypical and normative. I wanted to create a magazine that would leave people feeling creative, passionate, empowered, confident and happy afterwards. I didn’t want any ads of things most people cannot afford and of garments on models that most people don’t look like. I didn’t want to support any unhealthy beauty ideals or tell people what to do or how to live. I simply wanted to show other people a whole new world. The bohemian world. To make people think and feel and know just how extraordinary, how beautiful and how important they are. I wanted to write about fashion, photography and art freely without bringing gender into it.  I wanted to interview and show off people from all over the world who were unique and wonderful and who lived life showing off their uniqueness, being true to themselves. I wanted to give every reader out there the confidence to dress exactly how they wanted, dress to suit their spirit, not their gender or any of society’s norms. I wanted my magazine to become soul-food; a source of inspiration, motivation and warmth. From the start, as a blog, up until now, when the Fashion Androgyny is a full-fledged digital magazine, it has been true to its androgynous purpose, it is and has been feminist and LGBTQI supportive and generally showing off a way of life that more people seek today. The life of a bohemian, a free spirit who stands up for what they believe in, for their loved ones and for the environment.

Androgyny to me is Yin and Yang. You need both to be balanced, at peace. The masculine and the feminine together is what makes a person whole. That is why the norms and gender roles do not work. Focusing solely on one side, disregarding the other is abusing half of oneself. People aren’t so simple that they can be boxed in, studied and labelled. People aren’t things; we’re people. We are complicated, mysterious, unfathomable, mind-boggling miracles of light and not one of us is the same as the other. We all shine brightly and we are all brilliant in our own way. Trying to make us all the same would smite us all. Here we think all our differences are extraordinary and beautiful and rather than trying to make everyone fit in, we help people to embrace all the ways they stand out. Speaking to and getting to know all of the people interviewed and featured on the site is the absolute best thing about working with Fashion Androgyny. There are so many beautiful souls featured here, each one unique and interesting.

Since 2016, three years since it all began, Fashion Androgyny has been available as a digital magazine in Joomag and can be subscribed to. This year, 2017, our readers will be able to order our AW17 issue in print. The magazine is bi-annual with one issue for each season – SS and AW (Spring Summer and Autumn Winter). For subscribers there are also special edition issues and extra material that people who aren’t subscribers cannot access.

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